We support our local community. We use local…as much as we can. We think that rocks!


The Terminal BrewHouse is a locally owned and operated business; as such we go to great lengths and expense to utilize local products and services whenever available. It is our goal to be a contributing member of our neighborhood and city for years to come. In order to achieve this goal we have instituted many green practices and initiatives. That being said, the kitchen and brewhouse are the heart and soul of what we do and why we are here. Only the freshest foods and finest hops make it into the Terminal and our passion is that only world-class beer and exceptional food make it to your table. We sincerely thank you for coming and promise this is as serious as we will ever get.





The Terminal Station (Choo Choo) opened in December of 1909 and created an immediate need for a nearby hotel to give comfort to the weary travelers. The very next year The Stong building (no that is not a typo) was built next door and The Terminal Hotel came to life soon after.

A pictorial book, Pen and Sunlight Sketches of Chattanooga, reported that in its location and equipment, it is eminently representative of progress in the hotel facilities of this thriving city.” The hotel featured steam-heated rooms (fancy), with meals served all hours in a café.

Legend holds that through the years the Stong building was home to speakeasies during prohibition, illegal casinos and even a house of ill repute. There may even have been some activities that took place in the fine building that one would not approve of although none come to mind.

Sometime in the early 1940’s Chester Davis, a porter at the Terminal Station, saved his tips and purchased the Stong building becoming one of the first black business owners in Chattanooga. The building stayed in his family, housing many different businesses, until purchased in 2006 by local raconteur Joe Sliger who immediately began restoring the property. Not long after he found a motley (but dashing) crew interested in this Historic building. This band of visionaries had, coincidentally, a vision for the wonderful old building. The walls and rafters seemed to cry out to these rugged, brilliant men. “Beer” said the walls “amazing food” said the rafters and so, despite being terrified of the talking building, an idea was born. After MUCH struggling and MANY delays The Terminal BrewHouse came alive and there was much rejoicing verily and thusly.

We Wanted to Be As Green As We Could, So We Did Some Really Cool Stuff


The Eco-Friendly Ways of Our Beer Brewing Forefathers

From the very beginning, craft brewers and breweries have been on the front edge of the “green” movement. I am not sure why the craft world draws in those that are environmentally conscious but I do know that some of them smell bad. We have tried to carry on the eco-friendly ways of our brewing forefathers and while it’s not easy being green with the help of some our friends and neighbors we have done the following things to embrace the ways of people.

The Hand Dryers

Low energy, high output hand dryers. I usually hate hand dyers but these things are cool. Much better than most!

The Urinals

Waterless urinals. That’s right, no flushing! Which is good for the environment and saves us on water bills!

The Toilets

“2 flush” toilets. It’s easy, if you go number 1 press 1, if you go number 2 press 2. It is a big water saver.

The Cistern

150 gallon tank that collects rainwater and stores it for future use. Water the green roof, spray down the deck, etc.

The Grain

We use our spent grain in an exchange program with local farms. Oh and Niedlov’s takes a little to make bread.

The Wood

Reclaimed pine was used for all of our table tops and the extremely sustainable wood Siberian Larch for our second floor hardwoods.

No I mean literally

We offer an array of Organic wines and liquors for those that want to put their liver where their mouth is (switched it up there). Listings on our menu page.

As Green As We Can Be

We wanted to be as green as we could at The Terminal and with Earthscapes leading the way we built a green roof to help bring about that goal. But how about just having a hand crafted cold beer with your toes in the grass. No “save the enviroment” talk. No “what planet are we leaving our children and grandchilderen” talk. Just a nice afternoon with great food and your feet on the warm grass…Nice.

It ain’t easy being Green but with the help of these business / people / friends we have done the very best we could to be just exactly as green as we can be.

Find Our Beers

The Honest Pint

Malachi Honest Red Ale- house beer

Hair of the Dog Pub

Southsidenstein Stout

Easy Bistro

Malachi Red and Magnum PA

The Flying Squirrel

Southside Pride- Dry hopped red ale


Niedlov’s Breadworks

Anything in the bread family we have is made by John and his crew around the corner.

15 E. Main Street, Chattanooga, TN 37408
(423) 756-0303


Chattanooga Coffee Company

Local ladies roasting the best beans in town and teaching others how.

1010 Market Street Chattanooga, TN 37402
(423) 756-8890


Eagles Rest

This is where our buffalo (bison actually) roam, a North Georgia gem.

690 Eagle Cliff Drive, Flintstone, GA 30725
(423) 421-2890


The Hot Chocalatier

Wendy uses our Southsidenstein Stout and our White Shadow Belgian wit in aptly named truffles . Yes they are as good as they sound.

100 Cherokee Boulevard, Suite 212, Chattanooga, TN 37405
(423) 266-3066



Yet more Main Streeters. The crew is contributing to the creation of our Terminaltastic beer logos.

1601 Gulf Street, suite 600, Chattanooga, TN 37408
(423) 821-6210



Aaron Cabeen

Our hand crafted tables and bathroom vanities were slaved over by Aaron who does not build so much as he shapes…ok he builds.

(423) 413-5897

Bert Ingram

Bert is a general contractor by trade but a sweet carpenter for his friends (that’s us) he also owns a decent pub and builds spaceships in his spare time (no really). He built our booths and bar.


These are the fine folks who are responsible for the green roof and landscaping, making Chattanooga greener both literally and figuratively.

Helping Hands

Lyndhurst Foundation/Cornerstones

Their dedication to local business, revitalizing the Southside and preserving Chattanooga’s amazing history helped inspire us. Plus they gave us money (always inspiring).

517 East Fifth Street, Chattanooga, TN 37403
(423) 756-0767



The creator of our sweet website. Without their mad skills and even madder generosity the web would be an emptier place.

633 Chestnut Street STE 600, Chattanooga, TN 37450
(423) 443-8737



Always there with a helping hand or a waterless urinal (not at the same time that would be weird). They were also vital in us building the green roof.